Vision Statement

Jigsaw Pre-School strives to provide a high quality Pre-School experience for all children. We want to create a safe, secure, caring, stimulating and fun environment, where the staff develop the children’s learning through play. We want the children to leave Jigsaw with a love of learning and prepared for the transition to school life. 
MEMO0003We aim to:
  • inspire, motivate and challenge all children to reach their full potential
  • build confident, caring, independent children who have high self-esteem
  • develop in children a strong sense of right and wrong 
To achieve this we aim to create an environment that is:
  • safe and stimulating
  • fun, exciting and innovative
  • well resourced and well planned
  • inclusive for all 
We as staff aim to achieve this by:
  • having high expectations
  • using a variety of learning strategies to ensure that each child is encouraged and motivated
  • working in close partnership with parents / carers
  • sharing and celebrating the successes of every child