A typical day

The day starts at 9.00 am when the children are greeted by staff and ‘self register’ by finding their name and matching it to a jigsaw name piece on the names board.
Once the children are settled and the parents leave we have a quick discussions about the activities and areas available for that day
The remainder of the session is very much child led with a mixture of free play and adult-initiated activities. These areas will include role playing, dressing up, creativity, reading and physical play and encourages all six areas of learning. Access to the outdoor area is available during the duration of the session.
During the morning the children are offered a selection of healthy snacks eaten at the snack table.
At the end of the morning the children are encouraged to help with the clearing up and packing away of the toys and resources and then usually have a story before they are picked up by their parent / carer at 12.15pm
Some of the children stay for lunch club where they eat their packed lunches together. It is a fun and very social time together.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays an extended day is available where the children may stay until 2:50. On these days we also offer sessions for 2 year olds that run from 12:30 until 3:00 with the parents arriving to talk to the adults leading the session at 2:45.

to talk to the adults leading the session at 2:45