Faith in Action Community Development raises funds and provides grants for community development activities and projects in socially and economically disadvantaged communities.

FAITH IN ACTION COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT (FIACD) arose from the initial vision of one person, Faith Aguha.

Faith was brought up in a traditional family in rural Western Uganda before coming to the UK in 2002. For many years she had supported some of the poorest children from her village of Katete through school. By 2011, she was supporting over 20 children and young people through school and college education!

Although education is technically free in Uganda, there are no nearby schools in her area, and many families cannot afford the cost of transport, boarding, uniforms and books etc. 

Faith had always had a much bigger long-term vision to help her community by building a primary school, church, community centre and clinic on her land in Katete. However, there was first a pressing need for a reliable supply of clean drinking water. With the help of Holy Trinity Claygate and partnership with Christian Engineers in Development a dam was built in 2013, providing a year-round source of water for both people and animals.

During this project, the Registered Charity was born, to help fulfill Faith’s wider vision to transform her local community.

A building on Faith's land has also been completed providing space for a nursery school during the week and church meetings at the weekend.

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Faith Aguha

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Children from the Isaiah Nursery