Who's Who

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Patrick Bateman


email: Patrick Bateman

phone: 01372 463603 option 2

RR web

Richard Rugg

Associate Vicar

email: Richard Rugg

phone: 01372 463603 option 3

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Stuart Sadler


email: Stuart Sadler


Tom Hill


email: Tom Hill

phone: 01372 463603 option 3

Office & Support Staff

LC web

Louise Crudgington

Vicar's Assistant

email: Louise Crudgington

phone: 01372 463603 option 1 then 3

Janet Watkins

Janet Watkins

Church Administrator

email: Janet Watkins

phone: 01372 463603 option 1 then 1

Brian Howells

Brian Howells

Operations Manager

email: Brian Howells

phone: 01372 811676

Katherine Willis

Katherine Willis

Assistant Administrator
and Ordinand in Training

For all booking enquiries

email: Katherine Willis

phone: 01372 463603 option 1 then 2

Dave Curtis

Dave Curtis

Facilities Manager

email: Dave Curtis

Pastoral Care & Seniors

Pippa Cramer

Pippa Cramer

Pastoral Care and Seniors' Coordinator

email: Pippa Cramer

Helen portrait

Helen Forbes

Pastoral Care and Seniors Assistant

email: Helen Forbes

phone: 01372 463603

Julia portrait

Julia Howells

Pastoral Care and Seniors Administrator

email: Julia Howells

phone: 01372 463603

Youth, Children & Families

HB web

Holly Byles

Youth Minister

email: Holly Byles

Ada Portrait

Ada Rugg

Children and Families Minister

email: Ada Rugg

phone: 01372 463603

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Lorna Davey

Children and Families Administrator

email: Lorna Davey

phone: 01372 463603

Churchwardens & Treasurer

Anna Lise for website

Anna Lise Gordon


email: Anna Lise Gordon

Bill Lowe

Bill Lowe


email: Bill Lowe

Duncan Coyler

Duncan Colyer


email: Duncan Colyer